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This is such a great idea. These authentic looking vintage French signs are from a great New Brunswick based Etsy shop. But don't let the Canadian address fool you - these signs are carefully distressed and aged giving any room that certain je n'ai sais quoi! See more in Modern Home.


I Almost Forgot...

To tell you about our new Offset Printed 2010 Calendar from Egg Press. It includes 12 colorful pages with jewel case stand and printed front and back on recycled content paper with soy-based inks. Each month is so lovely, I can hardly decide which is my favorite:

1A 1B 2A 2B

3A 3B 4A 4B 

5A 5B 6A 6B

7A 7B 8A 8B
9A 9B 10A 10B

11A 11B 12A 12B
But if I had to choose a favorite, I think I'd say March, May, June and October.


All About Ayres

I did a blog post a while back about Etsy shop ArtLab and for some odd reason I didn't add them to my favorites. What gives? To my surprise this brilliant little shop turned up on the front page of Etsy and my intrigue was reignited. They had a ton of artful accessories and clothing and I had one of those "I can't stop clicking" moments. I literally couldn't stop clicking. Talk about a page turner. And to make things even harder for me, I find that they've added another Etsy shop, Patricia Ayres, which is equally addictive. Then I discover that Patricia Ayres has a non-Etsy website where you can find her photography, installations and other art pieces. When will it stop? Well, I guess it stops here...

Il_430xN.99974004 Il_430xN.79275444 Il_430xN.98820602

You may think that from the paper goods we select for modernpapergoods that my wardrobe is like a rainbow but this palette is actually closer to my personal taste. I love muted blues, grays, tweeds, wool... I think these clothes would look great while holding a Loop notecard.

Il_430xN.99973077 Il_430xN.96266803 Il_430xN.94181032

Before seeing these couture bibs by Artlab, I would have never guessed that an adult wearing a bib could be fashionable in any way (center image below).

Il_430xN.99767547 Il_430xN.96479826 Il_430xN.98820598

Il_430xN.97233187 Il_430xN.78854707 Il_430xN.78495766

Okay, I have to stop now. See? What'd I tell ya? Completely addictive. See the rest for yourself.


A Gazillion New Styles


We had a marathon of adding new styles over the weekend (in between Halloween candy breaks) and there's something for everyone. There are nearly a gazillion new styles, of which about a zillion are from Egg Press, Cartolina Cards and Masha D'yans. See them all here.